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About Freedom Forex Academy

We offer a complete set of services all tailored to your trading success.

Freedom Forex Academy is an independent training provider that offers practical education for individuals that want to learn or improve their understanding of the foreign exchange market and trading skills.

We care about result. Freedom Forex Academy ensures our students are fully equipped to enter the market with compresive knowledge to tackle the market. To prepare our students we combine academic, theory and technical analysis with practical exercises in live session to provide real experience. Freedom Forex offers Post course support and analysis free to all our students to give on going support long after they leave our course.

Freedom Forex Academy also offers a referral contest which is we pay any of our client for referring any student into Freedom Forex Academy.


The Founder - Who is Arinze Moses Onuh.

There was once a time in my life before i started trading, When i was fixing phone accessories in Abuja, long time ago i was working hard to see if i can achieve my dream through fixing of phone. Any time i was working am always thinking about what else to do apart fixing of phone. So i went online for a research and i saw many online business which was legit ,so i picked one which was bitcoin mining. I made my research, i went to youtube for more enlightenment and knowledge and i was satisfied with what i saw and i started minning bitcoin day and night just to see if i can get the money i needed.

I mined for 6 months but guess what 6 months of hard work could only yell me $1 so i asked my self is this the life i came to live by making $1 in 6 months that means in 10years time i will be making $20, so i quit mining the bitcoin and i went for a research again then i saw an online platform which is called Olympic trading so i tried studying it but i could not do anything there, so i decided to make a deposit of $10 to see if i can make something out of it, but i lost the whole money because i lack knowledge. I decided to take a break of online business and face my phone fixing.

After a while i travelled to another state, then i met a friend always busy with his phone then i ask him what is he into then he told me (Forex Trading) then i started asking everyone around what  Forex Trading is? and all i hear is an online platform where you buy and sell currency pairs ,but i was still confused so i went online i saw a post that says learn forex trading online training which cost $500 the money was much so i decided to borrow some fund to add up to the one i have then i paid for the teaching. It was taught for one month then our superior which was taking us on classes ask us to go and fund our trading account and start trading without mentoring us, i went live after 2weeks i lost all my trading capital i was depressed and angry at the same time so i took a break to study my chart again and with some of my friends knowledge and advice i made another deposit of $100 and flip it to $1000 under a month. Then from there i became consistent with the craft (Forex Trading). To whoever out there going through a very tough time, know the lord will answer you when the time is right, but for now, keep your head up, work hard and have faith. it will all come to pass. That is why in Freedom Forex Academy all our student all over the world will be funded with a free trading account. Thank you.

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